Xiaomi YouPin QCY M10 TWS – Another Great Affordable TWS

Xiaomi QCY M10 is Xiaomi YouPin’s latest TWS. For less than P900, it is surely a great affordable TWS everyone would love.  Here’s why:

Xiaomi YouPin QCY M10


Xiaomi YouPin QCY M10

Xiaomi YouPin QCY M10 charging case looks very simple. It has a matte finish and looks sleek. It has QCY logo on top of the case and does not have any led indicator. It’s still in Micro-USB. But who can complain? It’s very affordable anyway.

The earbuds look similar to the Soundpeats Truefree+ that we previously reviewed. It has a QCY logo on the front part and at the back are the led indicator, magnetic pins, and left or right symbol. It’s very comfortable to wear. Although there’s some protrusion from your ear, it’s still decent looking.

I love that its controls are physical buttons.

One press to play or pause and to answer and to end a call. Double press on the right for the next track and double press on the left for the previous track. And I changed the triple tap from Google Assistant to Volume Adjustment.

Everything is so responsive.


Xiaomi YouPin QCY M10

QCY Application

Xiaomi YouPin QCY M10

You might ask, how did I change the controls defaults? Well, this is my QCY M10 favorite feature. It has an app named “QCY” that you can download in the Play Store or App Store. You need to choose what kind of QCY TWS you have and then connect your TWS to the app. Here you can customize controls and can even set equalizer presets. It can also pin where you last used your QCY M10 so you can easily track it just in case it got lost. The next time you open your TWS, a pairing animation will pop-up on your phone. It’s not too fast but this is still a plus. You can also see the battery percentage of your QCY M10 in the pairing animation.

Sound Quality

Xiaomi YouPin QCY M10

Using the Default Equalizer Settings, I tested its Sound Quality.  The volume is almost as loud as the Sabbat TWS. The bass is also pretty good even when in the default settings. But still not as powerful as the Truefree+. But when I changed the preset to Bass, whew! The volume and bass improved a lot. The overall sound quality got better. I do not recommend using it in full volume because there is very minimal distortion. For me, it sounds best at 70%-80% volume. There is a very minimal latency but it’s not annoying and might be not obvious for some.

Microphone Sound quality is acceptable. It sounded like I’m very far from the microphone but still comprehensible. When I added some noise, it was not able to separate my voice from the noise but still, I was comprehensible.

Please watch the video for the actual test.

Final verdict

Xiaomi YouPin QCY M10 is one of the most affordable TWS in the Market but the quality was not compromised. It has good sound quality, good phone application, and an acceptable microphone. It can even keep up with more expensive TWS in the market.

To make it more affordable, you can use my voucher code YOUPSULIT for a $2 discount.

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