Xiaomi Redmi Note 9S – Great Performance and Price , But Is It Worth It?

After using this device for 1 week. I will be giving you my full review of Redmi Note 9s plus I will answer some of your concerns regarding this phone.


The device I have is the 2020 MFF Limited Edition. MFF stands for Mi Fan Festival. This is for the 10th year anniversary of Xiaomi. It has the 2020 MFF Limited Edition sticker at the top left corner of the box, aside from that, there is no other difference in the box compared to the normal Note 9s. Redmi Note 9S MFF Redmi Note 9S MFF

This unit is the 6gb/128gb variant with Interstellar Grey color.

As of May 8, 2020, the price are as follows:

4gb/64gb – PHP 9,990

6gb/12gb – PHP 11,990


Antutu Benchmark score is 277,100. Redmi Note 9S MFF AnTuTu This is pretty good for a Midrange phone. Gaming is satisfactory. Let’s answer one of your questions: Is Snapdragon 720G better than 730G? Before answering it, please take note that Qualcomm designed both chipsets for gaming. Both are power-efficient. Actually, they are ALMOST the same. Redmi Note 9S Gaming But comparing it with the Antutu Benchmark score of Xiaomi Mi Note 10 that has 730G, 720G has 20,000 more. This is because 720G has faster clockspeed than 730G. But when it comes to image processing, 730G seems to be functioning better. So in summary, when it comes to performance, 720G is better. But for image processing, it’s 730G.


Redmi Note 9s display is also good. It is not exceptional but looking at it, I can say that you will enjoy your media consumption. Redmi Note 9S Display It doesn’t have a 90hz screen refresh rate, but for its price, it’s not an issue. Another plus is that the screen is protected with Corning Gorilla Glass 5. One complaint I have is the location of the punch hole selfie camera. I prefer it to be on the left side so that it can actually be covered by my hand when I’m using it, but yes, this is very subjective. The second question that you have is if there’s a screen bleeding or light leak? I cannot answer for everyone, but in my experience, there’s none. I even tried turning off the light to double-check the sides, but mine seems to be in good shape. Redmi Note 9S Screen Bleeding But just in case your unit has this issue, please do not hesitate to ask for a replacement unit right away.


I love the overall design of this phone, including the new design of the camera module at the back. It’s just that the camera bump is a bit too thick, and that might be a concern for someone. The super glossy design makes it look more premium, but there’s no need to worry because it is protected with Corning Gorilla Glass 5. Its size has a perfect fit for my hand. The curved glass at the back even gave it additional grip. I love the fact that it still has IR blaster and Audio jack. A feature that’s almost gone in most of the phones. The finger scanner is conventional and side-mounted and that makes it more comfortable and faster. It has a small LED indicator near the earpiece. Another plus is the dedicated micro-sd card.


It has 5020mAh battery capacity, and again, this is more than enough for a mid-range phone. I tested its endurance using continuous YouTube 1080P video in full brightness and the result is awesome! The screen on time is 8 hours and 28 minutes with remaining 22% of battery. That is in extreme usage. Normally, we will not use the phone in full-brightness. So in everyday use, we will have a greater SOT. In fact, Xiaomi declared that Redmi Note 9s can have 13 hours of battery life when used in gaming. When it comes to charging, it is capable of 18W fast charging. It comes with a charging brick with 22.5W. It took me only 1hour and 45 minutes to fully charge from 0% to 100%.


Its main shooter has 48mp with Samsung ISOCELL Bright GM2 sensor. Redmi Note 9S Camera Photo quality is very acceptable although you can see some softness at the edges. It is capable of shooting 4k 30fps video but when using this resolution, Electronic Image Stabilization is no longer working. But as you can see in the sample images, the video is very sharp and detailed. We just need a gimbal and it will be perfect.


For 11,990 with 6g RAM/128gb ROM, you will surely get value for your money. You can actually get more than what you paid for. It has a good screen, beautiful design, good performance, good battery life, and a good camera. If you are using Redmi Note 7, this definitely worth the upgrade. I highly recommend this phone for those looking for a budget-friendly mid-range phone.

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