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Globe Postpaid Brings You One Step Closer to Experiencing #Globe5G

Globe Postpaid Brings You One Step Closer to Experiencing #Globe5G with Discounted Prices for 5G Devices. For as low as P1,299 a month, more customers can revolutionize the way they work, learn, play and stay connected w/ Globe Postpaid 5G device plans. With the growing demand for data, customers can now equip themselves with 5G devices that will […]continue

Ready for the Future: Huawei’s Super 5G Deals

Huawei’s Super 5G Deals Bring Next-Generation Speed to the Mainstream The age of 5G is almost here, and to fully prepare for an era of super high-speed internet access and seamless AI-powered lifestyles, Huawei is offering incredible deals on its highly-coveted 5G-ready smartphones, premium tablets and notebook PCs. These “Super 5G Deals” which run from […]continue

5G is More Than A Speed Upgrade

Why 5G is the Game-Changing Tech You’ve Been Waiting For? Because 5G is More Than A Speed Upgrade. Of all the big up-and-coming technologies to hit the consumer market, 5G wireless networks are arguably poised to make the most impact. Current 4G connectivity is perfectly serviceable for modern internet-based needs, but the ever-innovating tech sphere […]continue