Huawei created a back-to-school checklist for eLearning students!

 Huawei created a back-to-school checklist for eLearning students!

Checklist for At-Home Learning

Huawei would like to take the opportunity to help you prepare the best ecosystem of devices in your inventory as the start of the new school year approaches. Of course, getting started early with this Back-to-School checklist will help reduce the stress and pressure that this uncertain time brings.

  • Good Workspace

Provide your children with a designated workspace where they can be productive or simply relax with a comfortable chair. This limits any disturbances during their school days. And to help them be more excited about this space, try getting them involved. Invite them to help design their study area by adding tools that will not distract them but encourage them to be engaged in a new routine. You can find workspace inspirations or DIY tutorials using your Huawei phone, tablet, or laptops.

  • Earphones that block noises and fit comfortably in ears

Huawei FreeBuds 3i

This premium and budget-friendly pair of HUAWEI FreeBuds 3i are safe to use. These can help your children focus more on their lessons and assignments because of its Active Noise Cancellation technology for unparalleled audio immersion, smart touch-based controls and fast pairing convenience. HUAWEI FreeBuds 3i worth PHP 5990 comes with a cool nova designed case that they will definitely love and a beautiful steel bottle that will entice them to drink more water. With this, there will be no need for them to get up and get water during their online classes.

  • Powerful and Reliable Laptop, Backpack, and Fast Internet Connectivity

Huawei MateBook

Remote learning requires a good internet connection and a powerful laptop that can handle day-to-day tasks of your children. Huawei suggests HUAWEI MateBook D Series that is known for lightweight and ultra slim-profiled, yet powerful computing hardware. Huawei MateBook D14 and MateBook D15 have a feature that will protect your children from harmful radiation. These laptops win the competition of having the best screen display in the market while taking care of users eyes through TUV Rheinland eye-protection features.


These laptops also have Huawei Share, an advanced file-sharing and multitasking features to get their schoolwork done faster. Huawei Share lets users transfer files from Huawei phone to MateBook and vice versa, in just one hop. Click this link to learn more about this cool feature.


MateBook D Series comes with a free router. This will power your child to get more things done because of fast internet connectivity. When you purchase any of these laptops, you will get a backpack that is also convenient for them if they want to move to new workspace with their tools and school supplies.

MateBook Version

SRP Back-To-School Promo Where To Get Promo
MateBook D15 Php 37,990 Free Huawei B311 Router and backpack (worth Php 3,780) for every purchase
MateBook D14 Ryzen 5 version Php 39,990 Free Huawei B311 Router and backpack (worth Php 3,780) for every purchase
MateBook D14 Ryzen 7 version Php 42,990 Free Huawei B311 Router and backpack (worth Php 3,780) for every purchase
  • School supplies

Since the new eLearning set up can be overwhelming for them, it would help if you still provide them with traditional school supplies like planners, notebooks, pen, etc. These will be their extension of productivity. And you can purchase a bundle of these supplies online to save time.

  • Smart Wearable Gadget that will Keep them Healthy

Huawei Watch GT 2e

Physical education should not be neglected just because of stay-at-home orders; whether it’s part of the curriculum or not. Today, health should be our top priority. Hence, you should encourage your teens to stay fit through exercise that will ward off health risks.


Here is HUAWEI Watch GT2e to accompany your teens. Featuring 100 + exercise and workout modes (indoor & outdoor), with heart rate, oxygen, and stress monitoring features, built-in music player, and calorie tracker, the Watch GT 2e ensures that every workout session is down to science. It is also encased in a sleek yet durable steel frame that you can wear even up to 50-deep underwater. Battery lasts for 2 weeks so students could play more and study on without having the need to charge their smartwatch from time to time. They can even pair this to their android phones: Huawei Promos

Empower your children and get them ready with the safest, enriching, and advanced experience possible with Huawei. You can visit the stores from this link to get the promo bundles now:


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