3 Things to consider when buying new phone

“What’s your daily driver?”, that’s one of the questions I often get. Some people might think that the best phone for them would be the phone a tech reviewer would use. But honestly, I don’t think that is always true. Here are 3 things to consider when buying a new phone.



Buying Phone tips


ALWAYS consider your budget. This should be the foundation of your decision. I don’t recommend buying phones in installment, unless you urgently NEED it. I always feel better if I pay in cash. Most often, if you buy phones in cash, there are more freebies.

But yes, installment payments are great help, but most likely, you will end up paying more in the long term. UNLESS, you will find a 0% installment promo.

Of course, this is a personal decision. But whether you will buy in cash or installment, please always set a budget and do not go beyond it.

Another tip is, go to different stores before buying your phone. Sellers usually have different prices and freebies. But I recommend, go to official stores or  authorized resellers.

When setting your budget, do not just consider the phone price. Please set aside additional bucks for your tempered glass and case. Some phones already comes with free cases and screen protectors. But most of the time, those are not made of high quality materials and will not give enough protection to your phone.

Buying Phone tips



Buying Phone tips


Ask yourself, what kind of phone user I am?

Depending on what type of user you are, the minimum specs you should go for are as follows:


Basic User – Social media, text and call

SD730 / Helio G90T*



4000 mAh


Power user – Gaming, editing, or if you use a lot of apps

SD765 / Helio P90*






I recommend phones in iOs for more security



SD 720G*

48mp with Sony Sensor*


(*These are the minimum specs I recommend, you can certainly go for higher specs. This recommendation is as of June 6,2020. If you are reading this after couple of months you might as well go for a more updated specs.)


Remember, it is not wise to buy a phone because of the trend. We shouldn’t base our decision on others. We are the one to use the phone. So ask yourself, where am I going to use this?

You might end up wasting your money buying the latest flagship gaming phone when, in fact, you are just a normal user. If you buy phone that you don’t need, you’re just donating to the rich.



Buying Phone tips


Once you’ve set your budget and you know what you need, it’s time for you to do the research for the specific brand and model.

There is a page in this site where I listed all my recommended phones with the link to the trusted seller. Click here if you want see the list.

Another website that might be helpful to you is gsmarena.com. They feature Top 10 daily interest and Top 10 by fans articles. The detailed specifications are there.

Knowing what others think about that phone is also a great help. You can watch reviews in YouTube. I might have reviewed it already. Click here to visit my YouTube page.

Another thing you could do is going to the mall to check the phone in person. Don’t be shy to try the phone. Check the camera, the speed and of course, the price. You can also ask the helpful sales persons if you have any questions.

Lastly, you can join Facebook groups for that specific model of phone. Those are first hand information from those who are already using the phone. You will be able to read comments and threads about the pros and cons of that phone.

These are my 3 tips in finding the “Perfect” phone for you. Just always remember the 3 Things to consider when buying new phone: Budget, Needs and Research.

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